MAG Ice Melting Pellets

  • MAG out performs other ice melters. It melts ice effectively at temperatures as low as -13F (-25C).
  • MAG helps protect the environment by significantly reducing harmful chemicals runoff. As well, it’s safer for concrete surfaces; it’s less corrosive and won’t leave damaging residues.

On Concrete and Metal Surfaces:

Independent tests conducted by the National Research Council’s Strategic highway Research Program show that calcium chloride caused 26 times more chipping and scaling that MAG. Sodium chloride (rock salt) caused 63 times more chipping and scaling than MAG. As well, tests show that MAG Ice is significantly less corrosive to tin and aluminum than either calcium chlorides or sodium; hence, prolonging the life of your metal equipment and surfaces.

For People and Pets:

MAG Ice is safer then other ice melting chemicals; it’s actually less toxic than common household substances like table salt and baking soda, and less toxic then aspirins and caffeine.

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