Dust B Gone

Eliminate harmful dust from your indoor riding arena.

It’s a fact of life – dust happens! If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor riding arena, you must manage and control dust to protect the health of your livestock and your riders.

  • Arena Dust-B-Gone works by coating each individual particle in your soil so it retains moisture long after it would have normally evaporated. This adds weight to the particles, so they cannot be suspended in the air as dust.
  • Arena Dust-B-Gone is a safe, biodegradable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly treatment that eliminates dust in your indoor arena – but the benefits don’t stop there:
  • Reduce water usage. No one can afford to waste water, whether you use a private well or haul water in. Water usage varies depending upon humidity and climate; with the doors open for ventilation here in Montana, we sometimes had to water our arena twice a day during the summer months to keep dust down in our extremely low humidity.
  • Reduce labor costs-Someone’s got to spray! Apply Arena Dust-B- Gone once, and then follow with a maintenance application two to three months later at 1/5 the initial application rate.
  • Reduce fuel costs. Even if you spray from a fuel efficient ATV, costs add up; if you currently haul water for dust control, you use even more fuel.
  • Ride more! Hauling and spraying water for dust control takes time away from pleasure riding, training and competing – and isn’t that why you have an indoor arena?

Protect and Improve Health and Performance

Dust-filled arenas pose health risks to both horse and rider. Dusty environments irritate the eyes and nasal passages and are linked to eye and respiratory problems in both equines and humans. Dust also aggravates health problems like asthma, heaves, pneumonia, COPD and RAO for rider and horse.

If a horse can’t breathe, he can’t work. Research shows that horses require a startling 3,000% more oxygen while training.